Oct 29, 2021

3 Last Minute Strategies to Improve CX for The Holidays


Welcome to November! The holiday season is imminent, with months of pre-planning in the rearview. 

As a CX, customer service, or contact center leader, what can you do in the final days to give yourself an edge? Here are the top 3 strategies. 

1 - Adding automation 

As sales increase so too does inbound customer service volume. This means CX teams need to expand their capacity. Automation allows you to achieve this without hiring and training new staff, with a bot instead resolving your tier 1 requests (things like shipping status, cancelations, returns/warranties, etc). RedRoute is the leader in phone automation, and Ada in chat, with both offering a roughly 50% increase in capacity through a setup process that is quick and low-risk. 

2 - Adding staff 

The other top strategy for scaling your team is to add highly skilled outsource agents. Providers like Go2, Hire Horatio, Simplr, Influx, and Radial have turned the old BPO model on its head with CSAT scores that actually improve and engagement models that are simple and affordable. You can add however many reps you want and be sure that they are on-brand and proficient in your tools. 

3 - Strengthening their helpdesk 

Whether you use Gorgias, Kustomer, Zendesk, or others, these rich platforms are loaded with features that will make your team more efficient. As you put finishing touches in place, be sure your ticket routing, knowledge base, and integrations are updated and your team has the tools they need to thrive. 

+1 Strategy to avoid 

When you are short-staffed and in the middle of holiday madness, it can be tempting to turn off one of your channels or limit hours of operation. This can be a fatal mistake though. The most important thing is that customers are able to reach you when and how they want, and force-reducing volume like this is guaranteed to create unhappy customers. 

There is an amazing opportunity to turn holiday shoppers into lifelong customers, accelerating growth not for a few months but for the long-term. Key to achieving this is offering excellent customer service, with instant availability 24/7, to achieve high CSAT and NPS. The above are proven strategies you can implement in the final weeks to cover any gaps and put your best foot forward. 

Good luck!